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Become an E5 Leadership Academy online member for FREE!

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E5 Leadership Academy

Our online proprietary success training program with a comprehensive approach to all areas of your life: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially.

What kind of success is it when your bank account is full of money, but you find yourself sitting in an empty office at 12 o’clock midnight, a complete stranger to your spouse and kids who are struggling to survive—if not financially, then spiritually and emotionally—in your absence? How successful, really, is the executive whose cabinet is full of trophies but has to file for bankruptcy from having mismanaged his money and accounts? Success doesn’t come from having money, fame, happiness, or joy in your life. Success comes from developing and maintaining an overall equilibrium between all these areas of your life—and that’s precisely what E5Leadership Academy teaches: How to find and maintain true, holistic, and life-fulfilling success.

12 Lessons That Will Make You an Expert Leader

A collection of some of my best tips and tools to help you transform from an average leader to an outstanding one.

In my role as a leadership mentor, coach, and speaker, I’ve personally helped thousands of corporations, CEOs, executives, and nonprofit leaders achieve 100% of total prosperity spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially.

12 Lessons that Will Make You An Expert Leader represents a collection of some of my best tips and tools to help you transform from an average leader to an outstanding one. I don’t just teach leadership theory, I give you the secrets the top 2% performers use to create significance in their fields.


E5 Leadership Food for Thought: Business Leadership and Communication Lessons

A collection of leadership and workplace communication lessons designed to help you improve your communication skills and achieve 10x the results.

Successful leaders know how to meaningfully communicate with others and be heard the way they intend to be. By improving your communication skills in the workplace your company will be more productive, operate more efficiently and achieve significantly higher results.

7 Spiritual Gifts of Leadership

Six transformational leadership lessons on uncovering the 7 spiritual gifts of the top 2%.

Leverage the 7 spiritual gifts of leadership to achieve greater success in business and in life. All top 2% of performers possess these characteristics. They help solve the moral problem of the workplace and allow you to live within God’s laws and man’s laws simultaneously.​​​​​​​ The best part is, they’re teachable.

Mental Pillar

Bring clarity and vision into your life by discovering your propensity to think and control your thoughts.

The Mental Pillar will bring clarity and vision into your life by helping you discover your propensity to think and control your thoughts while learning why certain behaviors follow specific thoughts.

Emotional Pillar

Master your emotions, break free of limiting thoughts and begin harvesting the relationships you want and need in life.

The Emotional Pillar is a journey of discovering and understanding your emotional dialect and unlocking the key to controlling your behavior, building better relationships and eliminating conflicts.

Spiritual Pillar

Get more out of your life by discovering your truth, your greater purpose in life and revealing your why.

The Spiritual Pillar answers the seeker, those who are looking to get more out of their lives. This lesson will lead you discover your truth, your greater purpose in life and will reveal your why.

Coaching & Mentoring

Personalized advice and guidance for top-performance leadership and success

How do the world’s top performers attain remarkable success and accomplishment? They receive guidance from expert coaches and mentors. Through the E5Leader coaching and mentoring programs, we give you all the tools and resources you need to reach your greatest potential and challenge you to bring out your best self in all aspects of your life. Seeking coaching and mentoring is the first sign of a leader’s true strength, and through our specialized one-on-one training and intimate group programs, we help you create and realize your own worthwhile dreams and goals so you can unlock your best life imaginable!



Maximize your team’s effectiveness through results-oriented, hands-on workshops

Is your team performing to the highest potential or are your team members achieving the bare-minimum of their capabilities leaving a great deal of talent and money on the table at the end of each day? Our E5Leader hands-on workshops will provide you and your team with everything you need to increase your productivity and effectiveness, built specifically around your organization’s meeting theme, your mission or vision statement, and your existing training schedule. We offer various types of workshops both for in-house corporate training and executive and personal retreats to best meet your needs.

Mark Pierce speaking


Advanced customized presentations to inspire cohesiveness and strengthen your team

Teams that work together achieve together. And they achieve far greater goals than the teams that work against each other, trying to outdo and outperform one another. Our E5Leader presentations will inspire your team to come together as a unit and equip each member with the right mindset for enhanced cooperation, efficiency, and team output. All our presentations are customized to best resonate with your team’s particular makeup and dynamic and to best fit your organization’s mission and existing training schedule. We can prepare presentations for “Lunch and Learn” events, for keynote speeches at half-day and full-day workshops, and both in-house training and corporate retreats depending on your particular needs.