How You Know You Are Connecting

The Salvation Army has the coolest signal ever – the little bell. I don’t know if you have ever seen or heard the bells but they scream, “Look at me and give me some money!”

I was walking through a store that had a volunteer ringing the bell and asking for donations – I could not help but look and want to give. That little bell was all the signal I needed to hear and know what I needed to do, to know what they wanted me to do. Great communication!

As a leader and communicator, have you ever been in a meeting and wondered if the people in the room were listening to what you had to say and if they even liked you? Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, trying to connect, and were unable to find any commonality or a sense of connection between the two of you? Have you ever been in a situation where you have a critical message to get across but the others just don’t seem to get it?

The Salvation Army has the bell.  What about us? How do we know we are connecting with those around us?

As a leader, it is really important to be able to pick up the signals that relay whether your message is getting across. There are definite signals to look for.

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Communication “Bells” you need to look for in your interactions

  • Increased effort – you know you’re connecting when you see the other(s) doing more for you or for the relationship.
  • Appreciation – a good thank you as acknowledgement means they are listening and seeing your actions.
  • Openness – nothing says I hear you like being open to new ideas or people.
  • Increased communication – If they are starting to communicate more and use more positive body signals, you are getting somewhere!
  • Unity – Finding common ground and agreeing means there is effort being put forth and positive effort often leads to synergy.
  • Positivity – seeing or hearing positivity means there is agreement and mutual appreciation and likability.
  • Growing synergy – this bell is about recognizing how well the communication is leading to how you interact and work with others.
  • Care and love – when you see the team or the other begin to fill your heart with true caring for the other, you can be assured this is a signal that you are connecting.


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