The Four Temperaments that Determine the Way You Think and Act


  • Temperaments are the hardwiring and natural ability to process thought.
  • No thought is generated without input.
  • Temperament, our hardwiring, is what processes inputs to formulate opinion, values, ethics, and behavior.
    • Four categories:
    • Choleric – the hard-driven type-A person who’s always going after it.
    • Phlegmatic – cool, casual, laid back, nothing seems to bother them.
    • Melancholic – likes a sense of order and has a sense of idealism.
    • Sanguine – happy-go-lucky person, life of the party, full of life and energy.
  • The temperament you have is responsible for the way you think and act.
  • Understanding temperaments helps you understand yourself better and others as well. Knowledge of temperaments allows you to understand why people act/respond as they do.

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