How to Use Your Authority to Ascend to Higher Levels


  • In life, we’re put in positions of authority – expected and unexpected.  Responsibility comes with authority.
  • Another definition of authority: the ability to make a decision.  Nobody has given us this authority; it is preconceived. Whatever we make choices about, there is an authority that accompanies it.
  • Authority is a predestined position inherent to human beings.  Through authority, we gain respect and ascend to higher levels of authority, where we have authority over others.
  • Authority is a tool.  Don’t be tyrannical with it or you won’t keep your authority very long.

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Four Ways to Keep Your Dreams Alive

I’m a simple guy. I enjoy the simple things in life. I’m pretty easy to content.

I’ll tell you something. Although I can easily relax and be thankful for what I have, I still have drive.

Do you know why? It is because I have dreams. BIG DREAMS. I know I can achieve them. I’ll keep pushing to achieve them and I’ll enjoy the ride as I go.

Now, I KNOW you’ve had dreams. Big ones. Are they still in you? Do you still believe you can achieve them?

One of the biggest dream killers is to be resigned to the difficulties of your life.

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What Inputs Are and How to Control Them



  • Inputs are received in the mind – through the eyes, the sense of smell and the ears.
  • All the data collected into the mind are inputs.
  • The sum total of who we are is based on inputs.
  • Take captive of inputs. Control them.

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  • Characteristics that form around blessability:
    • Joy – Harmony – Peace – Confidence – Smiles – Excitement
    • Look for people who exhibit these characteristics.
    • Strive for them yourself.
  • Blessability is how you act, think, and serve others in order to put your life and your prosperity into the vein of being blessable.
    • Blesssability is a derivative of living in all five pillars in balance and equilibrium.
  • Why live in blessability?

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Becoming a Discipline of What You’re Trying to Achieve




  • Would you rather suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret?
    • The pain of discipline is temporary.
    • The pain of regret lasts a lifetime and beyond.
  •  Discipline is a necessary tool we utilize to change and grow forward.
  • “Discipline” comes from the root “disciple”.
    • A disciple is a true believer; somebody who has great conviction.
  • Discipline is a conscious choice to avoid things you want to avoid or to embrace things you want to embrace.

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Four Ways to Sow Success

Here is a little known fact about me. You may not believe it. Trust me, I’m telling you the truth.

I love the Little House on the Prairie book series.

I do! Really!

My love affair with Little House started when I was a kid. I would lie on my couch and watch the TV show. Often.

I carried this love for the Little House TV series into college, no joke. My two college roommates were just as hooked. We’d rush back from class to catch the latest airing of the old series.

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Is Attitude Everything?



  • Attitude ISN’T everything,
    • But it is one of the main things that you can take captive and control.
  • We want to have awareness of our attitudes:
    • Be seed-sowers.
    • Be positive with our attitude.
    • Make sure that we control it.
  • An attitude can be a predisposition.
    • Because of a past occurrence, it is possible to assess a situation and ‘cop’ a bad attitude.

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Are You Living by a Compass or a Clock?

Some say you can manage your time.

Can you really?

The answer is no.

Time moves on whether we like it or not, and we can’t control it. We can’t get it back.

What you can do is manage your priorities. Priorities are those things in life you consider worthy of your time and energy. Ultimately, it’s your priorities that will determine your success, joy and fulfillment.

Getting the most out of life requires good management of your priorities.

Ask the father about the value of that memorable weekend he spent with his daughter who sadly passed away just one short year later: how much was that weekend worth to him now?

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