Four Ways to Be a Better Connector

We are all communicators and connectors. We are communal beings and we love good company and fulfilling conversation.

On one hand, communicating is very natural to us. Then, there is that other side to communication: where it can be awkward, it can feel contrived, it can be confusing and undesirable.

My dad was the best communicator I’ve ever known. He was never awkward in a conversation. When he spoke, it was never contrived. People loved him and connected with him with ease!

I’ve asked myself: what was his secret?  You know, it was just a few years ago that I figured it out.

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Dealing with Apprehension

Can you remember the last time you held a great deal of apprehension? Maybe it was an uncomfortable moment, a confrontational conversation or a space or event that gave you an unsettling feeling of anxiety.

I’ll never forget the first time I went downhill skiing.  That hesitant, apprehensive feeling I had staring down at the humungous run I was supposed to ski down with little coaching or skill to aid me.  Ohhhh, man, was I nervous!

To eliminate that apprehension at the top of the hill, I had to face the situation and get comfortable fast.

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From Twinkle to Beethoven: Moving Ahead with Courage

Courage determines our potential. It is the dial of success.

My two oldest kids are taking piano lessons this year. Some pieces they learn are instant hits: learned quickly and played daily, they become the family anthem for a short while.

Then, there’s those other songs: Way too hard, Dad! I can’t do it! I won’t do it! This is so stupid! (…stomping away, slamming the door…).

Mom convinces them to come back, be brave, believe they can do it, work through the hard parts, practice makes perfect, over and over… it may be painful.

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How to Embrace Change

For a while now, my front door has been purple. Not just purple: the Joker Purple. I’m not kidding. It’s a long story about how it got to be that way but my wife never liked it. (I thought it was cool!)

Recently, it was finally time. She asked me: Please, please, please can we change the door color now? She has painted around the house but I’m the one who used to do it for a living. When it comes to the front door and oil paints, it’s definitely my job.

As much as my beloved spouse was excited about the change,

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How You Know You Are Connecting

The Salvation Army has the coolest signal ever – the little bell. I don’t know if you have ever seen or heard the bells but they scream, “Look at me and give me some money!”

I was walking through a store that had a volunteer ringing the bell and asking for donations – I could not help but look and want to give. That little bell was all the signal I needed to hear and know what I needed to do, to know what they wanted me to do. Great communication!

As a leader and communicator,

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Don’t Get Overwhelmed: The Slow-But-Sure Approach to Personal Growth

With purposefulness, every step you take is taken with determination. Learn more

At leadership workshops, people ask me: These leadership tools are all great but I feel I am so busy and already doing so much – how can I begin to change and take on more in my life? 

This is a really great question.

I am not going to sugarcoat the answer by saying personal development is easy or that it will come to you overnight. I’m sure you’d prefer the truth.  I tell them and you, the hardest person you will ever have to lead is yourself.  It’s not easy to do but,

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Money: For Better or for Worse?

Money influences us daily.

No wonder our world is driven by it and seemingly obsessed over it!

To be ensnared by it or free of its grip: believe it or not, we have the choice.

When I was younger, I thought money meant success, greatness and happiness. I imagined that once I had a lot of it, my anxieties in life would vanish and life would be carefree.

I soon realized that money is not happiness nor is it success. Money can be a tool for survival, peace of mind, pleasure, satisfaction,

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You’re Worth the Investment

In my early years mentoring with Mark Pierce, I remember he had me memorize these words:

God does not create junk.

He knew I needed to know that. I’d often struggled with believing in myself. I also knew that belief in myself would determine my level of personal effort. I quickly learned and used some special tips I’m going to share with you today.

First, let me ask you this:

How about you? How is your belief in yourself?

Over the years, I’ve worked really hard on developing the I am worth it attitude.

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Are You Living by a Compass or a Clock?

Some say you can manage your time.

Can you really?

The answer is no.

Time moves on whether we like it or not, and we can’t control it. We can’t get it back.

What you can do is manage your priorities. Priorities are those things in life you consider worthy of your time and energy. Ultimately, it’s your priorities that will determine your success, joy and fulfillment.

Getting the most out of life requires good management of your priorities.

Ask the father about the value of that memorable weekend he spent with his daughter who sadly passed away just one short year later: how much was that weekend worth to him now?

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