Think Ahead to Stay Ahead

How would you like to be able to get more done without working more?

This is called working smarter. I can teach you how.

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy that!

If your life is like mine, it’s busier and more tangled than ever. So much to think about, to do and, at times, it’s overwhelming to say the least and harder than ever to get it all done! You have new demands, challenges and opportunities that seem to continually overflow your plate – and you begin to wonder: How am I going to get ahead?

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Is your body keeping up with your rise towards success?

We all have that one thing in life that seems to get the short end of the stick.

We have 24 hours to fit in healthy choices every day. Inevitably, doesn’t at least one thing seem to be put on the backburner?

I’m going to get personal here. For me, that one thing is my physical well-being. I really have to work hard at it. It seems like it is always the one thing that gets pushed aside for everything else. I also know it’s that one thing that I can’t ignore.

Can you relate?

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Are You Living by a Compass or a Clock?

Some say you can manage your time.

Can you really?

The answer is no.

Time moves on whether we like it or not, and we can’t control it. We can’t get it back.

What you can do is manage your priorities. Priorities are those things in life you consider worthy of your time and energy. Ultimately, it’s your priorities that will determine your success, joy and fulfillment.

Getting the most out of life requires good management of your priorities.

Ask the father about the value of that memorable weekend he spent with his daughter who sadly passed away just one short year later: how much was that weekend worth to him now?

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Five Tips To Give Your Leadership a Spiritual Push

5 Spiritual Tips

Is faith helping you become the person and leader you desire to be?

Mother Teresa said, “Faith keeps the person who keeps the faith.” Faith is an incredible companion; it gives us peace, understanding, confidence, perspective, drive, energy and integrity.

Faith is like a muscle: the more you condition and care for it, the more powerful it becomes for you. So you make it a part of your life! You’ll see how the benefits are just too good to pass up. Wherever you are on your faith journey, move forward. Big steps or small, move forward.

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Survive or Thrive: The Art of Aligning Your Priorities

I have a great Growth Question for you today. This question can really change the direction of your life if you use it to empower yourself daily. Here it is:

Do you want to merely survive life or do you want to thrive in life?

At the heart of this question – and at the heart of success – is one word: Priority.

I want to share with you how I manage my priorities in order to live a thriving life, not just a surviving life. This tool is called Vertical Alignment.

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